What you need to know about our 90 min Class.

We are making some of our sessions longer. The 90 min session will be 2 x 45 min Sessions, with a quick 5 min break in between. You can do either 45 min, or the full 90 min

Booking the class works the same way if you want to do the full 90 min. The cost is R150 and checkout is per normal.

To do only 45 min, (the first half or second half), at the checkout, enter the code "45 min" into the discount section, and then you will be discounted to the normal cost.

Monthly Members, please just enter your Monthly Code, you don't need to specify which sessions you doing. Your code just books the whole 90 min but you can leave half way if you so choose.

If there are any questions, please feel free to email us at info@singletrack.studio or call the studio at 079 818 8475


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